A person or action that is slow, without purpose, lurking, mal-intented

or unemployed i.e with-out shifts
Damone was at his other baby's momma's house while his mother searched endlessly for him because he was suppose to pick her up at the airport like he had promised. Man he is so damned shiftless!
by Giaa January 6, 2006
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a style of writing that uses only lower-case letters.
e.e. cummings wrote many of his poems in the shiftless style, using no upper-case letters at all.
by samuel ross July 27, 2005
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lazy good-for-nothing woman who has intercourse with many people, but does so poorly and without ambition.
Angee is a shiftless whore.
by angee "shiftless whore" mackey January 27, 2008
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A person usually a man in his twenties who lacks all forms of ambitions and aspiration, they usually lack any type of marketable skills and spend their days masturbating. They feel that their life on this earth is unwarranted due to the illegitimate fucking that brought him into the world.
Andrew is such a shiftless bastard, I know he doesn't know he's father and he's mother is working as a prostitute for coal miners but he could at least close the door when he's masturbating in the living room!
by Gunny bunny December 31, 2011
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A totally made up ficticious word from my father who happens to be the second coming of Archie Bunker. The word is meant to encompass an individual (almost always in reference to a male subject) who is lazy, has no drive or ambition, talks like he knows everything and knows nothing, may be just plain stupid and most of all has no common sense.
You know I talked to that shiftless snork over at the gas station he does not know his ass from a hole in the ground.
by hotwings25 May 8, 2013
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origionally from "Romeo Must Die" a phrase used to identify someone stupid and irritating. Someone who is worth less than you. Said between a mate and you, usually in hoarse voices pretending to be whispering but loud enough for the stupid person to hear. This creates maximum damage to the shiftless negro's feelings...but hey, they're a shiftless negro...they deserve it
P1: hey, you know that guy?
P2: ...shiftless negro?
P1: ...yeah shiftless negro, yeah, shiftless
by Mace April 24, 2006
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