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A corporate-academic weasel word used mainly by people who sense that something may be oppressive, but don't want to do any actual thinking about what the problem is or why it exists. Also frequently used in progressive political settings among White People of a Certain Education to avoid using herd-frightening words like "racist" or "sexist."
I don't know, something about SlutWalk seems highly problematic to me.
by Scott & Hyacinth May 18, 2011
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Used by University lecturers to say they disagree with a piece of literature while not outwardly expressing that fact. There is often a long pause before this line is delivered often with pointless hand gestures.
Lecturer: I find David Starkey's work...................problematic.
by NagarPhunga April 03, 2017
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A tired and passive aggressive word used by sociology majors when they are too afraid to call someone racist, sexist, or homophobic.
Janet: I learned in Sociology 101 that David Duke is problematic.

Me: I think you mean racist.

Janet: Now you’re being problematic with your mansplaining.

Me: Just shut up.
by BGH74 April 06, 2019
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Being of extreme difficulty and just overall being extra for no reason. Causing problems for everyone because it's all they know how to do.
Nick,Gavin,and Ronnie are the most problematic squad at school.
by thrasher bitch September 08, 2017
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When asked by the service technician at the garage if his automobile transmission was a stick shift, Bubba, having just attained a GED, replied, "No, problematic."
by harry flashman September 01, 2003
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"Have you heard of the Jakepaulers and Logansters?"

"Yeah, they're a problematic fandom."
by Zyneith. March 19, 2018
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