Cash money. "ends" is short for dividends.
"I want bills, green, dividends. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout."
From the song "Git Up, Git Out" Written and performed by Outkast.
by Fresno Nick October 31, 2007
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(FINANCE) a quarterly payment that companies make to owners of their stock. In theory, the source of the company's stock's intrinsic value.

A company's dividends are usually chosen to be as regular as possible; they can be considerably lower than the company's quarterly earnings, provided the company is growing in value. They are important, because they are the direct motivation to buy the stock.
The earnings from stock consist of capital gains and dividends.
by Abu Yahya April 15, 2010
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A drink or cocktail. Stems from the concept of sharing the profits from a good harvest among the farmers involved, as in a glass of wine from a barrel or a shot of whiskey from a cask. Commonly used to refer to a drink poured from a larger stash (i.e. a bottle of whiskey or a batch of martinis).
Bob: "Yes, yes, Carolyn, I think equities are a terrible place to have your money these days. I could use another dividend. Bowmore, that will do!"

Carolyn: "I'm not going to have one myself but would be happy to get you one."
by drewbob August 30, 2007
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A previous endeavor starting to bring good results.
I wonder if installing new coaches on our football team last season will start paying dividends this season?
by Nick Shade July 1, 2012
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The Liar’s Dividend is a phenomenon where someone can get away with lying by saying that something is “fake news” and if the media attempts to expose the lie it can backfire and only make the lie sound / seem even more credible.
They believed his lies because of a phenomenon called the Liar’s Dividend.
by Micstusmi September 8, 2020
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An entirely imaginary future cash windfall, known by all parties not to exist, used as a face-saving alternative for admitting one has no bloody clue how one will pay for something.
Upon being presented with the bill, the customer looked the waitress square in the eye and replied, “no cash on me right now, but the Brexit Dividend will cover it”.
by Simenski June 18, 2018
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When you feel compelled to take a second shit for the day only to not take one because it may comprimise the quality of tomorrow's shit.
After I took a shit this morning, I had to take another one at like 2. But I didnt cause I was reinvesting the dividends for tomorrow.
by Effmanny June 5, 2010
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