Something 12 year old Fortnite kids talk about when they are chatting shit.
you got no earnings or PR you shitter
by ManLikeOmar January 13, 2021
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an insult used by the fortnite community when they are insulting a player for not earning any money because they can win any tournaments playing the game
" what are you doing you're lost, no earnings, packed you like a fish, zero pr, you're dogwater, dollar tree headset."
by Mr.Fister69nikka February 9, 2021
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To "earn", is crimnal talk for making money. Mostly career criminals use this term such as italian, irish, or jewish gangsters. They have to "earn" somehow. They find all sorts of ways to earn.
Nicky Santoro on Casino:

"What the fuck they expect from me, I had to earn didnt I?"
by MobMaster101 October 15, 2008
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As a verb, it's an abbreviation of the word earn.
Well, she got what she earned, so there's no explanation for that, right?
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To get ratted during a poker game. May lead to you quitting cards if you're a little bitch.

The term came about as a sarcastic comment to say after you either got ratted or rivered during a hand.
That was a great earn.
by Spagist January 16, 2005
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Earning your stripes refers to putting in hard work and effort and earning respect from your peers as a result. Similar to mitary rank and displaying military stripes, moving up the chain of command from sergeant to Lieutenant to captain to major
Example 1:
Taeshawn: Did you see Omar putting in mad work after school in the gym?

Julius: Yep, he's earning stripes with the coach, Omar might be playing varsity ball this year.

Example 2:
Victor: Damn ese, Julio's been pushing mad weight lately homie, he pushed a key last week.

Jorge: Yea ese, the vatos in the barrio are saying that he's earning stripes with the O.G.'s.
by RondoZongo February 4, 2014
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