awesome hardcore/punk band.
no cash is damn good.
by crazz August 22, 2003
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Was a punk band from Pennsylvania. Now their lead singer, Chris has a new band called The Mad Conductor. They play intellegent music with witty lyrics. It blows No Cash out of the water 100 times over. Check them out yo!
"Sex sells, but you can get arrested if you buy it, so I myself have yet to be a client..." - The Mad Conductor (not No Cash)
by Jasper Grey January 22, 2008
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by Officer Sfinklestein May 29, 2005
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An exciting techno–pop group from the town of Roseland, New Jersey. The band consists of Jean Paul Makhlouf (vocals, guitar), Alex Makhlouf (keyboards, programming), Samuel Frisch (vocals, bass), and Anthony Villacari (drums, percussion). Their sound is electric, up beat, and overall fun!
I went to the AMAZING Cash Cash concert last night!
by Ctotheoley January 29, 2009
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Cash Cash is an amazing band!!!
They are very fan friendly, amazing musicians, and have great futures. They used to be called The Consequence until March 2008 when they changed their name to Cash Cash.
"Have you heard Cash Cash's song Party in Your Bedroom?!"
"Yeah! It's amazing!"
by AbbeLovesYou March 4, 2009
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A nerdy way of saying ass. (Can also be used by geeks.) Used mostly to be cool, even though it's not.

a.k.a : @$$
*Hot Girl Walks By Nerd*

*Nerd Runs Home to Computer*

Nerd : Oh, my, god, that girl had a nice "at cash cash" if you know what im saying!

Guy : Fuck off..
by Scotty B.. August 20, 2007
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1) The state of a marijuana receptacle whose contents have been thoroughly exhausted, leaving behind an ash residue. The "cash point," or point at which the receptacle is to be retired or repacked, is often heatedly debated among marijuana smokers; some choose to incinerate the entire contents of the bowl until all said marijuana has been dissipated, while others choose to repack as soon as it begins to adopt a black hue.

2) Certain circles (particularly youth) have adopted the "cashed" adjective as the universal term for a status of depletion.
1) "This bowl is cashed. Shall I repack?"

2) "This bag of Funyons is cashed-ass. Take the empty bag to the trash and grab me some Oreo's from the kitchen. Bitch."
by Guru December 30, 2005
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