The determinative factor in a decision or question, especially in law.
Whether he blew a .08 or higher on the breathalyzer is dispositive as to whether he will be found guilty of DUI.
by devmodesquad November 20, 2010
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The apple is next to the orange, therefore it is in disposition.
by Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel January 29, 2008
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1) Noun that refers to the combination of qualities that identifies a person one has strong affection with arising out of kinship or personal ties
2) Savior from the pain of emotions and bringer to feel the true capacity of the heart
3) A nickname for the one with absolute true but unpredictable love
Mary, my Darling, my Sweet Disposition.
End of conversation, talk no further, you are my Sweet Disposition.
by man of couple dreams October 13, 2010
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I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike pants
nervous disposition like she wants in your pants
by SAFDsduyfdsf May 15, 2006
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Refers to the video game, Destiny. When your girl friend or significant other is trying to get a hold of your attention but you know that protecting the traveler and all ever lasting light is your soul purpose and priority.
Girl friend: Hey! How bout you log off destiny and we can chill together.

Boy friend: No! Croat must be slain! If not the earth will be shattered by the might of Oryx!

Girl friend: What even is this relationship? Did I lose you to the most broken game ever? You have such a Disposition to Destiny
by WoodenDonkey January 14, 2015
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A rephrasing of the acronym PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),
the (often) consequent behavior of those who were (or currently) traumatized.
Changed the 2nd part from an adjective to noun to generalize as it can be imprinted by just hearing unpleasant news
as well as actual physical harm
The 3rd part personalizes as this describes the afflicted rather than the stressor by which the
4th (last) i.e. (usually crappy) altitude has been modified from (original Psychology term) PTSD.
A (very) common result is that those afflicted tend to use the trauma(s) as a "crutch" rather than recovering in a healthy way,
becoming pity whores and/or control freaks to most people they interact with in their lives, often cynical wet blankets and bragplainers
Many handicapped/infirm and/or dispirited people tend to develop Post-Trauma Survivor Disposition of which rather than enjoying Life, makes those around them exploited and/or miserable
by AmboNec December 13, 2013
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