A demon like creature that commands an army of minions of the shadows that consume things to take there form
Oryx and the shadows will consume us all and end us.
by SupernaturalKing October 15, 2015
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Oryx is the new defender on Rainbow Seven Cheese and is basically the fucking Kool-Aid man. Whenever the attacker Montagne sees him he sadly remembers the good times when all that could counter him was a bomb that gets detonated by a fucking Nokia Brick
by The Big Ham March 11, 2020
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The act of inserting 1 finger into the vaginal opening (normally the index finger), and 2 into the anus (normally the middle and "pinky" fingers). This is usually performed when she is laying back, in the "deep thrust" postion (see "deep thrust" for more hardcore info). This sexual procedure is related to the Shocker which differs in its finger placements.
"After getting the Oryx, she was deeply satisfied and ready for more."
by David Shepherd April 25, 2007
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Beta Oryz is a underground hip hop group .
Member are Dabtara (producer,rapper),
Dj.Hydra(DJ,Rapper) , zed-O(rapper) and Killah mic(rapper).
Mixtape coming soon
"Beta Oryx Alpha's of the beta"
by RealHIPHOP Head November 9, 2019
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