One does not have to see combat to gain Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, things like car crashes or being a medic in the field hospital operating on wounded soilders on a time limit before they bleed out.
Those who protected our country suffer from PSTD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)because they either almost died or one of their brothers or sisters did or almost
by Lockon Stratos January 5, 2020
the traumatic stress you feel between the moment you post something on the Internet and the moment somebody likes it or responds
so I post this hilarious pic of me playing air guitar and within 37 minutes I get no response. No likes, no comments. Nothing. So here I am staring blankly at my Facebook wall with a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as I wait for somebody to like my hilarious new update
by Peter Greenwall March 10, 2013
The feelings of anxiety some New Jerseyans felt after the release of MTV's "Jersey Shore" which portrayed all state residents as having orange faces, dance and fist pumping skills, blowed out hair, and the confidence to talk about themselves in 3rd person.
Joe:"Hey bro, what's gotten into Grant? The kid hasn't gone out, shaved, tanned, or cut his hair in like two days."

John:"Grant's been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Jersey Shore Stress Disorder (PTJSSD) ever since that MTV show "Jersey Shore" came out. He can't stand going to Scorekeepers or out in public anymore because everyone wants him to fist pump and show off his abs."
by Stank Twatwell January 21, 2010
Being scarred of small earthquakes like a little bitch.
My friend Nav experienced an Earthquake and now suffers from Post Traumatic Earthquake Stress Disorder.
by Earthquake Lover October 17, 2012