The defintion of this word has been removed since it has been deemed unlawful to display it in public domain, under ammendment 15th to the convention treaty of 1987.

See section 7B for further details.
<censored> has recently been used against the <censored> in order to demonstrate the <censored> of <censored>.
by Walex December 11, 2003
A code of conduct to which everyone is held accountable but nobody is expected to understand in the first place, which is furthermore created by the same class of people who charge an arm and a leg to interpret it whenever it must be applied.
Disclaimer: As you are accountable under the law and failure to act in compliance with it may cost you your life, liberty and/or property, do NOT attempt to act, live or exist, nor to refrain from acting, living or existing under the law without the advice of a licensed attorney.
by A Box of Signs October 15, 2009
How societies define what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct.
You, sir, have committed an act that our society disapproves of. You have broken the law and will pay, sir!
by BrianBbbbbb November 4, 2006
You can either lay it down (1), or call it (2).
(1) After showing up for work 3 days in a row, Jack's boss had to lay down the law.

(2) "You come in my yard a-trespassing again, I'm 'onna hafta call the law!"
by HM January 5, 2004
"You studied 5 hours for that 5 question quiz? You're such a law"
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
sopot na bakla
law loves our gay professor. He/she is a sopot na bakla
by hpsssss April 27, 2011
A mathematical equation representing productivity (especially on all nighters). It is as following:

P = (1/C*S)(E)

Where P is productivity, C is the catchiness of the song playing, S is sleepiness, and E is energy drinks consumed in the last hour.
Bro 1: Man, I had a shitton of homework last night.
Bro 2: Did you at least get it all done?
Bro 1: Law's Law, bro.
by MonsieurLaw December 6, 2011