When you are getting head, and you cum in her mouth so much, and she spits it out, causing an explosion.
Mommy gave daddy the fallout, and that's why I am in an orphanage now.
by Urban Fatso June 18, 2016
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An exquisite game,set in a post apocalyptic world after a nuclear exchange. The games brilliance comes from music,atmosphere and the weaving of the overall story. It's bleak,depressing,eerie and gritty. The 50's retro theme fits perfectly with the nuclear war plot and pulp comic sci-fi science&technology. The high-tech world that is described is done in a 1950's motif, giving excellent atmosphere and feeling.
The game itself is an rpg with somewhat non-linear gameplay. You are confined to the story ultimately, but still have a fair degree of freedom. The game is loads of fun any way you play and is equally interesting from start to finish.
If you understand what the guys at Interplay were going for you'll see what an amazing game this is.
If i had to describe the series with colours: fallout 1 is black,fallout 2 is green, and fallout:tactics is pink for being so gay
by Spectre April 12, 2004
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The fallout series- the best series of non-fantasy RPG's ever. Good for people who are sick of beards, magic swords and crap, and want a bleak, futuristic setting with drugs, violence, guns, ho's, etc.
by IkeM October 11, 2003
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Legendarily good RPG set in the post-apocalyptic world. First two games were first-class roleplaying gold, containing violence, humour and a number of cool film references. The Brotherhood of Steel spinoff for the PS2 was something of a misfire, though.

See also Power Fist
by Snake March 09, 2005
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Person who is absolutelly adicted to Fallout games.
boy: Can i play something?
girl:No you can play everytime when you want!!
boy:You are fallouter!
by Sam Tektzby July 23, 2011
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Fallout II is a post-nuclear role playing game in which you play the part of the chosen one, the descendant of the Fallout I game, who must save his tribal village from destruction. for this, he must search fot the GECK, a holy artifact that can bring life to the wasteland. it´s a really cool game, get´s you out the dungeons and puts you in a dying and hostile wasteland filled with mutated beasts, wild-men, and there´s also a whale.
Come in Chosen One. there are things you must know...
by OMeGA August 02, 2004
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1. fallout is an airburst of biological pathogins, Nuclear bombing, or chemical toxin properties on earth.
2. a popular video game series made by interplay gameing studios, or bethesida game studios (depending on game).
Person- Must kill super mutant... NAO!!!!
by MASTACHIEFPWN May 09, 2009
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