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Adj: Console gamers' way of describing a video game as being an experience similar to a movie, when in reality it's their explanation for having to put up with games running at low frame-rates.
"I prefer 720p/30fps over 1080p/60fps. 30 frames per second would be closer to 24 frames per second in movies, that makes it much more cinematic, so the storytelling in the game will be superior."
by Zaebali April 16, 2014
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1. Related to, or suitable for use in motion pictures.

2. In video games, refers to non-interactive storytelling segments presented in video or animation that are used to introduce the story or bridge between gameplay segments.
1. The live performance of The Lion King was more interesting than the cinematic version.

2. The opening cinematic for World of Warcraft was very cool.
by Mark Giambruno August 24, 2007
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Cinematics means getting the atmosphere of watching a film, like in the cinemas.
"Lets close the curtains and get some popcorn" to make the cinematics
by Ben August 18, 2005
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What a console gamer means when they say cutscenes in a videogame look better at lower frame rates, looking more like a movie than a TV soap opera, the latter of which seems to be preferred by pretentious PC gamers.

The assertion by PC gamers that this is simply an excuse for console gamers to have to put up with lower frame rates is invalid, as current consoles can output 60fps yet many games still render their cutscenes at 30fps, and some games even give the option of 60fps or 30fps, and many players choose the latter.
While gameplay is better at 60fps moments of storytelling like cutscenes look awful and amateurish. While the storytelling is neither better nor worse the presentation is more cinematic if the cutscenes at least are at a frame rate closer to 30fps.
by hobo March 30, 2016
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