Characterizing a pessimistic or depressed attitude, hence having the color/life sucked out of it.
Person 1: "We're all doomed..."
Person 2: "That's a rather grayscale outlook of the world."
by SarahO. August 18, 2005
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The whole grunge/emo/scene/punk/goth stereotype. The name for all the kids that stand by the back wall of the school in seperate little cliques trying to be cool all wearing shades of gray and other dark colors.
person 1: The new girl that came in is pretty hot

person 2: No way man! She hangs out with all the kids on the grayscale!
by J. Ruiz August 21, 2008
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The phenomena that occurs in infomercials where the video becomes black and white and the simplest tasks are impossible without the product being sold in said infomercial
Vince from Shamwow: Its not possible to wipe up a spill you just spread it around and everything goes black and white thats why you need shamwow.
Me: Thanks to grayscale syndrome they'll sell a million sham wows
by Homgen4 January 28, 2009
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The fashion crime of wearing two or more clothing items coloured grayscale a the same time. This could be a grayscale top and matching grayscale pants together.
Hey, check it out, that girl over there is wearing grey sweat pants with a grey denim jacket- and oh no... is she wearing a grey headband too! Dear oh dear, she's attempted the Shiralee Grayscale.
by Girl from the Burn May 29, 2011
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