When someone does something really wrong. Or when someone just does something.
No, you don't walk around with no shoes on. You just don't!

Guy: Excuse me, wanna dance?
Girl: No, you don't!
by Sabutay March 1, 2009
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have friends... and you don't deserve them.
You don't have friends lmao.
by Jakooob September 19, 2019
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Used to express sarcasm when someone states the obvious, or states a fact that has been delivered like a second ago
Fat man:Dude, I think I have become fat
Dude:You don't say
by cagedidiot July 25, 2013
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literally speaking it is just another way of saying a very commonly and aptly used phrase "NO SHIT". it is when stating the blatant obvious and saying it as if it was just thought of on the spot. It is used to show distaste in a rather sarcastic and underhanded way and if said properly can be funny to no ends.

a master of this would be Christoffer!!
person 1- sir i dont think the bomb exploded
Person 2- what gave that away, the lack of noise? or the lack of mushroom? or the lack of the afterwave?
person3- it was the no mushroom for me.
person4- you don't say!!!

at an airport gate waiting to be let into the flight
Person 1- so dude we are going on gate number 15 rite?
person 2- oh yeah so lets join the queue for gate 15.
after reaching the near end of the line
person 3- i think we have reached our gate
person 1 and 2- You don't say!!
by ronnie1234 November 5, 2010
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When a childish person (most likely a fuck boi) says some bullshit ass statement. The statement may represent something very queer and or ignorant.
Fuck boi: I had like 3 smirnoffs last night and boned a couple dimes. Wild night.

Alpha Dog: Boy If you don't. You were definitely playing world of war craft all night.
by I hate a pussy February 27, 2016
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A term used in AAVE, which is a contraction of the phrase "Boy, if you do not" followed by a course of action and a consequence,(however the AAVE often omits to course of action due to it being conspicuous enough to determine via context, and it invariably leaves out the actual consequence unless it genuine) literally speaking, this is a threat, but is often used in a jocose manner with those whom it is socially acceptable to be crass with, especially to burlesque and ridicule an individual's behavior; in practice it typically something more along the lines of an irreverent request to perform a stated or otherwise apparent course of action, or advisory discouragement of the opposite. The phase may also have "git'choh" added on to the end, representing a contraction of "get your"; when used in this manner the term phase can also be used as a filler word to attach insults to in the form of attributing pejoritove adjectives to ones "ass"
P1: Bartender, lemme get a shot of tequila
P2: I'll have one, too.
P3: P2, ain't you the designated driver?

P2: I'll be fine, I'm only having 1.
P3: Boy, if you don't!
P2: Nigga, I can handle my liquor
P1: Actually, P2
P2: Boy if you don't git'choh inebriated ass out of this conversation
P1: Boy if you don't git'cho ashy-looking frail ass
P2: Enough! I'm having a shot and that's final.
P3: P2, we NEED a designated driver and I ain't tryna die because our chauffeur had no self-control. We covered you entrance fee and you agreed to stay sober and be the designated driver; now I'mma need you to pour out that shot.
P2: Fuck y'all! I'm doing the shot?
P3:Boy, if you don't pour out that shot, you gon' catch these hands
P2: Boy, if you don't git'choh your 5'4, malnourished-ass off my back!
P1: Nah, fuck that, P3 and I gon jump you.
P3: So what's it gonna be, P2?
P2, 'aight, 'aight I'mma chill (Pours out shotglass)
by Yeroner,Yoosumshit March 14, 2022
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