Phrase Telling someone that an action was your fault.
"Sorry I did not get the report done, that was my fries yo"
by eat_me_rat_face June 26, 2007
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Variation of hold my beer where a heavy weighted person tries to accomplish a feat and more often then not fails miserably.
Hold my fries, and let me show you how I will do a backflip from this 2ft fence.
by Mxwldm January 10, 2019
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the reactive tense of someone/something fucking with you.
"It fried my ass when urban dictionary kept telling me I was fucking up","He fried my ass when we had to stepin fetchit while he was eating the client's money on his own shit","Having to put up with that idiot really fries my ass."
by mr_dog September 27, 2007
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A Phrase You Say When Something Really Really Pisses You Off
Girl A: Girl, That Bitch Is Trying To Sleep With Your Man!
Girl B: What? That Shit Just About Fries My Bacon!
Girl A: So What Are You Gonna Do About It?
Girl B: Oh, I'm Gonna Whip Her Ass
by Thysbe July 8, 2005
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When someone or something really pisses you off.
Hey, I can't believe Sheila took credit for my idea. That really fried my cheese!
by suckit77 July 16, 2009
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What someone says when the (stupidly) leave their fries unattended. Usually resulting in at least five fries gone when they get back.
Person 1: "Don't eat my fries."
Person 2: "A'ight"
Person 2 eats a fry
Person 1 throws water bottle at Person 2's stomach, making him spit out the fry
Person 1: "What we learn?"
by pigheadedweirdo August 9, 2018
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