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To fire a gun, usually at someone.

Refers to the fact that guns fire when the trigger is pulled and causes a firing pin to literally "pop" an explosive cap attached to the end of a bullet, causing the bullet to spiral out of the grooved barrel at tremendous speed.
The rap artist stated that he would pop a cap into another rap artist, but we all know that the state would never grant him a concealed carry license due to his convictions for multiple felonies, so he'll have to purchase a firearm through the black market.
by Joe Timewaster April 15, 2007
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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back in the olden days when I was a young boy in nebraska this term used to mean to open a soda bottle. but times have changed and now it is a term for violence against one another which i believe mimicks the direction in which our country is headed. in short to pop a cap is to fucking shoot someone okay.
back in nebraska- pop a cap off that coca cola product please my good sir

now a days- I'm gonna pop a cap in yo good sir
by thomas the train engine November 08, 2006
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"Whatchu say? Bettah step off with that shit before I pop a cap in yo ass!"
by eezie September 16, 2003
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The result of reverse-biasing an electrolytic capacitor. Consequences include but are not limited to an explosion of smoke, flame, and electrolytic goo complemented by a sharp "BANG."
Engineering Student A: "What smells like an electrical fire?"

Engineering Student B: "Dude, I think you put that capacitor in backwards."


Professor: "Did somebody just pop a cap in my lab?"

*Cue Students A and B snickering*
by StudFreeman February 16, 2014
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