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A Dirty Jackson is when you have just finished polishing your rocket and you bust all in your hand. You then take the hand wit the nut all in it and smack someone in the face. This is a Dirty Jackson.
"Tom gave Ryan a Dirty Jackson last night while he was sleeping."

"I woke up with skeet all on my cheek this morning, but it was in the shape of a hand print, like someone smacked me with skeet all in their hand after they jacked off." Ryan said when he woke up.
by yabba dabba dooo July 30, 2006
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1.The act of masturbating with a twenty dollar bill (President Jackson's face is on the $20 bill).

2. A cheap blow job done by a disease-ridden hooker.

3. An anal sex technique in which the man pulls globs of shit out of his partner's ass and then smears it on the partner's back.
I try not to do the dirty Jackson because it either hurts my dick (1), gives me the clap (2), or makes me puke on my girl's back (3).
by wagamuffin August 20, 2009
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