To get awe-inspired/struck with pure amazement upon witnessing someone dancing a "Michael Jackson move".
Allen, when you're dancing like that, you get everyone so jacksonized. So if I were you, I simply won't stop!
by Bionamer September 2, 2009
if you've always been listening to rock or for example any other genre and never liked/listened to pop or paid much attention to it and when you've heard Michael Jackson's songs you loved them all right away...well, then you've been JACKSONATED!

Michael Jackson's music has touched different cultures, tastes, races,... so if you're one of those people you've been JACKSONATED!

It's true Michael has passed away on June 25th, but through his music he'll live FOREVER!
RIP, MJ. Thank you for everything you gave us!
Michael Jackson's music has touched different cultures, tastes, races, so if you're one of those people you've been JACKSONATED!
by xxvampirequeen October 5, 2009
Jackson is a very sweet loving guy.He is always there for you and is a great guy to talk to.He will always have your back and will check to make sure you are truly okay.He always asks how your day has been and how you slept.You will always get good morning/ goodnight texts. He has such a big heart and always tries to make everyone happy even at the cost of his.He always sees the good in everyone, yet whenever he looks in the mirror he only sees flaws.He is very insecure but with enough love and patience that could change.He has had a bit of a troubled past, and sometimes he can’t get it out of his head but being there for him and letting him talk about it really helps.He is pretty tall and super cute.Has beautiful thick brown hair and gorgeous eyes.He is self conscious about his smile but it really just lights up the room.His laugh is adorable even though he seems to hate it.He can also be very shy when you meet him but once he becomes comfortable he is a very goofy and chill guy.He can also make you laugh.He will definitely give you all his attention and texts you all the time but that just shows how much he loves you and how you can 100% count on him.He is very smart even though he doesn’t like to try in school.He can seem rough on the outside but inside he is really soft.He has drawing skills and good vocals+looks, what more could you want?If you find a jackson keep him because he is one of a kind and could never be replaced.much love for the jacksons out there ♡
Damnnn did you see that jackson over there???
Whereeeee??!! Him??

Yeah, he’s mighty fine isn’t he?

For sure! I’d like a piece of that!!
by -Abs July 17, 2019
Jackson is one of the most sweetest guys you will ever meet. His heart is full of love and he's always there to help other people. He's very reliable and super trustworthy. People can always go to him for help because he always gives people the time of day and gives them good honest advice. He is extremely handsome his eyes are all sparkly and his smile shines brighter then the stars. I'm so glad I met Jackson because Jackson made my life so much better.He filled my heart with love and showed me how to believe in myself again. He's funny and silly ...he's mature and the best friend that anyone could ever ask for!
Jackson makes everyone's life so much better
by well thats good July 27, 2017
Vaccinated against cynical and malignant apathy for your fellow human being.
I was Jacksonated yesterday so I'm ready to to others.
by PY Love and Peace October 25, 2012
Jackson is a guy who you can count on. You could put your life on the line for him and he would do anything for his friends and family. You can tell him everything and he won't tell. Everybody just loves being around him because he is sweet, kind, funny, fun and

sometimes even charming. He makes life exciting. He will tease you but in the "everybody KNOWS I'm only kidding" way. He is handsome and has eyes that you can fall into. He is caring too! If you're crying, he'll make you feel better. If you feel hurt because someone called you something like ugly, he WILL SO tell them off and he makes you feel like the most special girl in the world! Everybody needs a Jackson in their world. PS: his other name is most likely Dragon.
Girl1: Ohmahgawd! That guy is so lovable and good looking!
Girl2: oh, he's probably a Jackson.
by SillyGirli June 15, 2013
someone who would love to have sex all day
i did nothing yesterday as i was having sex with that guy jackson
by jac boy February 1, 2016