The space between a woman’s thighs just below the sweet spot that allows you to see through a her legs while she is standing still. Normally only found on women who works out and wears the correct pants. Yoga pants and certain types of jeans are the preferred attire of these specially endowed women.
Scott: I was at the gym yesterday and this girl had the perfect inner thigh gap, I could see Tim benching on the other side of gym. I waved at him and he waved back.
Jim: No shit! That’s incredible.
Scott: I know, she could stand in front of my TV during the game and I would not miss a play, and she was sporting a most impressive camel toe.
Jim: I am going to gym with you tomorrow.
by Dave Lickersnach January 6, 2015
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Unusually caucasian. Skin is pasty or ghostly white. Not an albino nor a day-walker. i.e. a white person who is whiter than white, almost glowing white or so pale you will surely be burned extra crispy in the sun. Can also refer to a personality type.
1. OMG, look at that guys skin --- he is inner thigh white.
2. Only inner thigh white people listen to this kind of music.
by fringeling June 6, 2009
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Permission someone would give you to allow you to touch their inner-thigh
Brodie: yo dude Heidi finally gave me inner-thigh permission
by uncle reamus May 12, 2019
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When you and your partner are getting frisky, then your partner grabs your inner thigh. This causes an orgasmic reaction that may affect your entire body.
Nick: You and Fred where really going at it today.
Maria: Oh I love it when he grabs my thigh it just really gets me going.

Nick: Ah Fred gave you some good inner thigh action.
by da5id February 23, 2017
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