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one of the funniest new shows on cartoon Network's "Adult Swim".

Created By Seth Green - Uses classic toys to do crazy sick shit.
robot chicken is as funny as watching an old person slip and fall, so you turd fucking mother fuckers better watch it.
by I forget March 02, 2005

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Dried up shit that hangs on to the hair of the ass.
Kate: Hey Josh, I see a dingle berry hanging out of your ass.
Josh: Be a good friend and get that for me.
by I forget December 10, 2004

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African American male who kisses the white mans ass.
Look at shateque, always sucking up to the boss. He's such an Uncle Tom.
by I forget October 15, 2004

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To grabs ones titty and twist until it turns black and blue.

Also, see purple nurple.
My friend twisted my titty and it hurts like hell.
by I forget January 10, 2004

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Bowel Movement
Take a crap
Take a dump
drop a load
put a brown log in the water

You know; TO TAKE A SHIT.
Damn Cindy, when you made a BM I could have sworn that the whole fucking room shook. It smells like a sewer pipe busted in here.
by I forget February 15, 2005

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One of the worst music channels around (besides B.E.T.).
What ever happened to all the good music, you bastards?!? Its a good thing we still have a good music channel left....like Fuse.
by I forget January 08, 2004

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Whore that put out that crappy video so she could get better ratings for that shitty ass show, The Simple Life. Then pretended it was her then boyfriend.
This slut has had so many boyfriends, I won't be surprised if she catches some nasty disease and drops dead.
by I forget January 14, 2004

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