the feeling when you are so sick you feel like a load of shit and want to curl up into a ball and die, but you can't die, so you just turn into shit
My friend Stephanie had a terrible virus and was so sick she claimed she felt like a ball of shit. This was apparently worse than feeling like a load of shit. balls ball shit loadofshit
by flyingelephant July 26, 2014
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feeling like not two balls of shit, but just ONE big hairy ball of shit.
I was so sick I went into bed and curled un into a ball of shit.
by candystripjellopuff July 26, 2014
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That room in the back of the gym where they keep the balls and shit (weights, extra stair steppers, etc.)
So I was workin' out in that room with the balls and shit, and Mabel says to me...
by LH6 July 02, 2004
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When you have bad diarrhea and it gets all over your balls. The crap on your balls is ball shit.
Your mom licked my ball shit last night because I had wicked diarrhea.
by SkankyKong May 08, 2005
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When you are having sex with a chick who's got a dirty ass and you get her shit on your balls.
I had to clean up my ball shit after sleeping with Betty last night.
by netchi September 07, 2008
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A movement / gang that was originally made in NC but is also partially in Indiana
Don’t fuck with them sbs(slime ball shit) boys they be fucking shit up
by Sbs boogie June 26, 2019
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