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slang for genitalia usually male, but is accepted as a female term as well.
That hair dresser just rubbed his dingle dangle on my elbow.
by solecize November 04, 2003
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The drawstrings on elastic waist-banded gym or PT uniform shorts that is prone to hanging down over the crotch.
Don't let yer dingle-dangle dangle in the dirt!
Pick up yer 'dangle and stick it in yer shirt!
by Lt. Dingo March 05, 2010
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A type of blow job where a person puts a flacid penis into their mouth for the intention of oral sex.
They then wait for the penis to inflate in their mouth!

Dingle-dangles are commonly reminisant of 'shinkie dinks' those dinosaur sponges that grow in water
"Let me give you the dingle-dangle of your life, I would enjoy it ever-so-much!"

by bumjala May 07, 2006
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Type of blowjob. When a person puts a flaccid penis into their mouth allowing it to grow inside, working into a normal blowjob. A lot of fun.
Last night, when the zoo was closing I gave my boyfriend a dingle dangle!
by Dickie- Doo December 20, 2010
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(noun) A decorative tassel. Used to mock or undermine the value or fanciness of a tassel.
We have a dingle dangle hanging off the knob on the antique hutch.
by mowglyicious July 18, 2006
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