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Nan - a strong, beautiful woman. A survivor. The best big sister, mother, wife, aunt and friend.
Every young woman should strive to be a nan.
by ms. koz February 04, 2010
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1. Not-a-Number. These result from operations which have undefined numerical results.

2. Used to describe something for which rad, unique, unprecedented, incredible and "out of the box" are understatements, because mathematically,

- NaN 'equal to' NaN is false

- NaN 'not equal to' NaN is true
Person 1: I have not seen any movie so incredible as the Inception or the Matrix.
Person 2: *Has to be*, both of them are NaN.
by GodKILLTHEMALL January 25, 2011
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"Nan" is British for "Mom", or "Grandmother", often used as joke, and referred to as an insult.
Alex: Who was it?
Chris: Your nan.

Heather: Your nan is ugly.
Gwyn: Who is 'nan'?
by Mavis Dracula July 27, 2015
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short for shenanigans, or could be used when someone is not telling you the truth
YOU: I swear I gave Cindy the Dirty Sanchez last night.

ME: I call NANS.
by CrustyNugget March 16, 2010
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Your nan is simply your grandma or a nanny can be a servant like Ben And Holly's Little Kingom It is your mums mum
Kid: Hi nanny
by your meme amy June 24, 2020
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A beautiful woman or girl. She is an amazing and loyal friend who always has your back. She is a great mother and sister. She is very talented and she is a good dancer. She is very beautiful and many guys fall for her ;)
Who is that?
That's Nan.
by Amandamo February 12, 2014
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