17 definitions by Ugly dirtbag

Shortened combination of 'Just Wondering'. It is normally used in response to someone asking why you are inquiring about something.
'Why are you asking?'
by Ugly dirtbag June 1, 2021
A friend, who is also a liability, who happens to be from the Sinospheric region.
"Hey Lee, play some defense."
"Screw you."
"You're such a sinoliability."
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021
A word used to describe a situation, person, or event that is bad, lame, or uncool.
"Did you go to that party?"
"Yeah it was beat"

"Hey dude I'm sorry I can't make it tonight I have dinner with my girl"

"How was the girl"
"She's beat"
by Ugly dirtbag May 26, 2021
When somebody farts multiple times in one instance, with each fart getting smaller and quieter. Can be anywhere between 3-6 farts. If someone farts more than 6 times in one instance, they need medical assistance, not the Urban Dictionary.
"PPFFFTTT PFFTT Pffftt pfffft pfft pft."
"Damn Daniel, those were some diminishing returns if I've ever heard one."
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021
When somebody is desperately horny.

Normally used to describe the state of someone after witnessing a desperate action.
"Man did you see Brad? He just walked up to like three girls and got rejected by all of them."
"Yeah, he's down bad."
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021
Down horrendous is an even worse version of down bad, a term typically used to describe someone who is desperately horny. Down horrendous should only be used when down bad cannot accurately describe how desperate somebody is.
"I just jerked off to the thought of her man."
"Holy crap, you're down horrendous."
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021
One must ascend to a godlike state of mind to even comprehend what being down multi-dimensionally is like. Until humanity is able to transcend and blink between parallel realities, witness time as a construct, being down multi-dimensionally can only be reduced to a form of horniness that is so desperate that one is willing to travel between different dimensions and realities to find anything to copulate with.

If we are ever fortunate or (unfortunate) enough to ever witness an instance of being down multi-dimensionally, it will be a level of low too mind-blowing to comprehend or explain. The average human would surely descend into madness upon witnessing someone being down multi-dimensionally, or become enlightened.

A category 5 down bad, not to be confused with category 2 down horrendous, category 3 down cataclysmic, or category 4 down universally.
"Did you hear about what happened to Timmy four years ago?"
"Yeah, didn't he claim to witness someone being down multi-dimensionally?"
"Yeah. He's been staring at that wall ever since."
Timmy: "ňØ͘ˆ¨˜„Œˆ¨˜Îˆ¨˜˜¨ˆ˜ÍÔ˜ßå∆˜∂ßå∂∆˜"
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021