Designated Marksman's Rifle

Any battle-ready rifle that has been outfitted with marksman's equipment. Scopes, bipods, composite frames and such.
I trained for my Scout Sniper position with an M14 DMR.
by Michael_Borealis January 30, 2009
The new weapon in Halo: Reach that will replace te BR (battle riffle). This weapon is going to be single fire unlike the Br
R which fired three round bursts.
Ah,sweet, the DMR in this game is beastly
by Yung Swagg7 April 14, 2010
(Digital Mobile Radio) A type of digital radio that allows multiple channels to be on the same frequency (zone) without interference. Used by Ham Radio operators, businesses and public safety. Allows for private calls, phone patch, texting & etc.
I'm going to take part in the DMR Roundtable Net tonight!
by 420 Boy February 4, 2018
A DMR is a kind of gun, sort of like an assault rifle or sniper rifle. It is used by Designated Marskmen.
Reload the mag of your DMR before the hostiles arrive.
by Sharpshooter125 September 22, 2021
A wonderful young lady that loves RCP. Can also mean Frankie, Dr. Marie, Honey, ect, ect.
"Hey, look at that DMR, she's so great.. Don't ya just love her?"
by slide April 25, 2004
A gun in Call of Duty Warzone that is used by meta slaves and virgins.
Hey did you hear about the Dmr 14?

I'm leaving the game.
by Iwilleatyourbed January 4, 2021
Do more research to decide for yourself weather you believe this statement or not
by Definition master 😎 March 7, 2021