"To make or become beautiful"

This phrase is most commonly used by the Catholic church to signify a human's becoming of a saint.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta's beautification was assured long before her death.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
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To pamper oneself by getting hair done, manicure, pedicure etc.
Anisa: Hey girl, what's your plans for the week-end?

Renata: Oh nothing, just gonna go get beautified at the salon
by *Nata* July 16, 2008
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when i went to the park I picked up trash so i was beautifying the park
by Sterling Howard June 23, 2006
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A place you go to that is a shithole and makes where you live seem great.
Adelaide is a beautifier, makes perth look great
by Timchim July 15, 2009
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