Someone who's on top of his game..No one can compete with him at everything he does..aka the champ..handsome charming and articulate.
Damn i wish i could be just like Palmer
by champ8619 February 3, 2010
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base unit of measuring breast size
She's got quite the rack, definitely a two-palmer.
by Robots_rule December 9, 2008
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(v.)- to pwn something; to own something; to master something
Ex 1: Jimmy didn't study, but he got a 105% on his test. He Palmered that test.

Ex 2: Jimmy is on the debate team, and he feels very prepared. He is confident that he will Palmer the competition.
by Julie Schmutz December 7, 2007
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Total godess. Bright, happy, sweet and loving. Number 10 on the hottie scale. Shes smart, funny, and can always make you smile. Has a nice rack. In a movie called just go with it.
Friend1: Oh my godess who is that?

Friend2: Oh, thats palmer!
by swaggaboy January 2, 2012
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Used to define a greedy man whom smoke's all your weed and eats all your food. also referred to as cunt
Person 1 : Yo Were's all the weed??

Person 2 : God Damm Palmer Smoked It All

Person 3 : Its Ok i slept with his girlfriend.
by Twilightfanpage May 31, 2010
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Sexy,Savage, all around champ. Excels in everything and has the best personality. You can't beat Palmer
Everyone likes Palmer even the guys
by JenaBanks January 13, 2017
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David Palmer, J.D. is a fictional President of the United States played by Dennis Haysbert as part of the television series, 24.

Palmer was presented in good light being a strong and smart president - Has also been said that he helped Obama get elected.
"By the end of the day attempt will be made on senator Palmers life" -Richard Walsh
by HedgeH January 27, 2009
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