the act of falling off of a height and landing, anus first, onto a fence post, steel rebar, or the like. the name refers to a popular dairy queen frozen treat in which a stick is stuck straight into a dallop of ice cream.
did you hear the story of the guy who jumped into a ditch full of water and dilly-barred himself on a fence post? dude now shits out of a hole in his neck.
by shemma August 30, 2004
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A guy who likes to try to go after married or taken women. He gets a cheap thrill out of talking to ladies online and liking all of their Facebook posts and being super thirsty and posting lame comments on all of their photos. This is the type of guy who doesn't know what he wants but he likes to lead ladies on but they need to be in a relationship or married for him to feel good about himself like he is trying to steal another guys woman. A Dilly-bar guy also likes to post a ton of gay selfies that look the exact same for attention to feed his insecure ego. He will go as so far as to hit on his "step daughters" so basically any "forbidden" females is what gets his rocks off
Anyone with that many selfies who is that thirsty to go after taken females is a dilly-bar!
by HotButton April 02, 2016
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To take ones penis; pull back and fart blast on; then insert into your partners mouth.
Jonathan and Amanda were looking to spice things up so naturally Jonathan gave Amanda a dillie bar.
by FunnyStuffYo January 24, 2017
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When there are two males and one female, the female first gives oral to the first male. Who ejaculates in her mouth. The female keeps it in her mouth while giving oral to the second male. Effectively coating his dick like a dilly bar.
"dude, we should totally give her mom a dilly bar"
by clutch player 13 April 24, 2010
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The encasing of the penis inside of ice cream or frogurt, then proceding to have intercourse (may be oral)
same scenario as a chli dog only improvised with ice cream, instead of chili.
by Keanu Reeves April 23, 2005
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