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a guy who actually likes women instead of wanting to act like them. he uses no hair care products except for white rain shampoo, has several flannel shirts, and owns at least one pair of work boots.
woman 1: hey, check out the retrosexual in the high and tight driving the skid loader. woman 2: i believe he is admiring the sway in my backside, according to his comments.
by shemma December 29, 2004

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the act of falling off of a height and landing, anus first, onto a fence post, steel rebar, or the like. the name refers to a popular dairy queen frozen treat in which a stick is stuck straight into a dallop of ice cream.
did you hear the story of the guy who jumped into a ditch full of water and dilly-barred himself on a fence post? dude now shits out of a hole in his neck.
by shemma August 30, 2004

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derogatory term for the female, or "beaver". from an early black and white t.v. show entitled "leave it to beaver". the main character being a child with the nickname of beaver who has an older brother named wally.
i smelled wally's little brother on the crowded elevator coming to work this morning.
by shemma October 29, 2004

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a derogatory term used to deflate one's ego. it is used to declare someone so trashy and poor that they would have a plastic bird, commonly a pink flamingo, decorating their front yard.
hey yardbird, why don't you cut your yep nope and get your damn primered camaro out of the front lawn.
by shemma June 24, 2005

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acronym for old white lady. used in a derogatory tone to define someone who leaves her turn signal on for miles, a non traditioanl college student who sits in the front of the class and nods in agreement at everything the professor says, or someone who takes up the entire aisle in the grocery store.
damn, that owl asked so many stupid questions in world lit this morning.
by shemma June 29, 2005

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a synonym for mullet. a hairdo most often seen at any of the numerous midwestern state fairs by individuals in barbeque stained wifebeaters, carrying a nine dollar 12 ounce beer in one hand and a grilled turkey leg in the other.
why do you want to go to the midway? all the three-toothed carneys are there sporting their fair doos.
by shemma August 22, 2005

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an unusually bad sports player who sits at the end of the bench and does not see any game time. ever.
kid: hey coach, can i go in? there's a minute thirty seven left and we're up by 32.
coach: in a minuteman.
by shemma February 01, 2007

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