When someone "likes" something on Facebook because it is amusing due to a personal joke between friends or in a manner of sarcasm and mocking, not because they actually genuinely like the photo, status or comment.

Or more simply, someone "likes" something to be a dick.

Similar to "dick face" and "dick comment".
Yo Alvin, I saw your dick like on that photo of me reindeering, not cool man.
by sophocles69 December 7, 2012
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to have a dick like lightning is to not sleep with the same person (usually female) more than once, referring to the saying that lightning doesnt strike the same place twice.
"Can't strike twice man, dick like lightning" - Kota Minyota "P.I.M.P. in E.P.
by X-quisite November 23, 2011
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An expression used when you were given a really nice blow job or basically given some really nice action involving the penis.
George: Hey, guess what?

Daniel: What?

George: Last night, your mom robbed my dick like Dick Robinson!!!
by 65846 June 30, 2010
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pertains to someone who's reputation is the embodiment of awesomeness or is so in control of their location/situation that if they were to commit an act of epic self degradation (sucking dick) their reputation wouldn't be harmed.
Those guys are so fucking awesome, look at the way those bitches follow them around. They're sucking dick like they own the place.
by panadaman March 18, 2010
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this is the greatest possible compliment that you can give a woman after receiving oral sex or when later referring to the girl who performed oral sex on you. it is only to be used as a term of endearment. using this term in a negative connotation should result in all of your friends shunning you for the remainder of the day.

note: oral sex does not have to be performed on sunday for the term to be used.
Mick: wow, that girl i met last night sure sucks dick like popsicles on a sunday.

Manny: really?

Mick: yeah, she was the best i have ever had.
by Scott Likes Scotch May 24, 2008
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An insult used mainly against friends and day one's when they say something that is factually incorrect and stupid. A catch phrase used mainly amongst high schoolers as a friendly way to say "shut up".
Connor shut up and suck my dick like a pacifier. Joe Johnson is the greatest basketball player of all time
by ScaryHours January 24, 2018
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