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1. One who hordes penises
2. One who displays dickish traits
3. A derogatory term for a male homosexual
1. You dickmonger!
2. Look at you hording those dicks, dickmonger!
by Curtis & Adam February 07, 2005
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A person who is most appreciative of all things involving the sight, smell, feel, and outward taste of a man's dick. They take pleasuring this part of a man's body to a higher level. In other words, they are a dick loving, ball-breathing, spooge guzzling goo-gobbler.
After the game, the dudes in our locker room turn into total dickmongers.
by Happy Wolf December 02, 2006
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Any girl (or maybe a gay guy... I guess) who is excessively flirty or tries to be friends with you because she wants your cock. tries to be cool, hangs out with other "wow-my-self-esteem-is-so-low-i-wish-i-was-cool" girls who think they're cool.
-hey bro guess who I talked to yesterday?
-yeah, what a dick monger
-haha yeah...
by Snoochie_Noochie September 22, 2009
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One who is familiar with male genitalia, and caters to it's needs.In other words, a cock loving, jizz guzzling ass fairy. See also democrat.
That Michael Moore is a real dickmonger!
by AV November 24, 2003
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The act of rubbing another males penis against your own. Both of the penis's must be erect and the participants must be standing facing each other somewhat far apart. The first to cum must do so on the others face.
dude, Scott and I totally tried dick mongling last night and i guess you can call me dick monger now!
by The Vegimite November 05, 2007
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