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A fat ugly bitch who can't get laid so she decides to let everyone know how easy she is by "flirting" constantly with other girl's boyfriends. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any friends and all of the other girls think she's a hussy and avoid her.
Ashlyn is a fucking slutty whore. (dance around poles in public, lays in the hall with her legs spread and no panties, etc.)
by ashlynisaslut January 25, 2008
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the only way to describe a so called "slutty whore" is in two simple words "cock" and the word "sucker" interesting huh the word "cock" means penis in a slang turm the word "sucker" means enjoy keeping somthing fragile in the oral areas like a penis or a cock
"did i say you could stop sucking you slutty whore you havent gave me an orgazim yet!?"
by nghhjhvghhjn December 07, 2006
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