to be brash and insensitive to another. to put your own interests above all else. to act like a penis.
matt bates matt bates matt bates
by Mason Williams October 31, 2004
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To act in such a way that confirms the popular presupposition that someone is a dick.

Dickish behaviour is synonymous with acting like a complete cunt.
I can't believe you stabbed my nan, that's pretty dickish man.
by Norma Stits May 3, 2010
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A generic use of the proper word

adjective;A description of the improper use of the word (dick) acting as a dick would. ie: spouting or discharging grossly without thinking!
You said alot of things in your email that were very dickish!
by chadakel January 29, 2008
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a bad thing that you do. As a result of doing a bad thing that causes you to be called a dick.
cheating on your girlfriend while she is on the same bed as you with some chick you dont even fancy while drunk is a dickish thing to do.
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
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A grown man who acts very childish when he is trying to be a dick. also see jerkoff
"Joe didn't know how to communicate his frustrations to Gina, so he became very dickish."
by Gina B June 5, 2006
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dickish (DIK-ish)

adj. Please don't use this word. It sounds retarded. Infact, if you use this word, you are homosexual. If you are already homosexual and you use this word, you will spontaneously combust.
Well that was dickish, don't you th--





by Jaack August 17, 2007
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Dickishness: relating to, or being, in the state, quality, condition or degree of being a dick.

Dick in this sense is a "mean" or "contempable" person(s)

Credited to "The Daily Show's" Dan Bakkedahl.
"Would you say that your decision to storm out in the middle of an interview reflects a general dickishness amongst Republicans that's probably responsible for the fact that New Orleans is under water? And I will take a hang up to mean yes."
by Ben Slagle June 24, 2006
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