To mesmerize or enchant a woman with you sexual prowess.
She's been calling me everyday sicnce we hooked up, she's so dickmatize.
by bob_deep November 16, 2009
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A situation where a woman will put up with a huge prick in order to ride (his huge prick).
She has been the same since he dickmatized her. Now all she does is chase the dick
by thegreatkhanhster December 28, 2011
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Sleeping with a girl for a period of time, ending the sexual relationship before she's ready to, and then the girl subsequently goes crazy.
Hey man, I heard Sally fucked up John's car, keyed it and everything.

Yeah dude, he really dickmatized her.
by Brad Clark June 22, 2006
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When the dick is so good you become utterly hypnotized by the guy that gave it to you
My friend Allen has stalkers. They've been dickmatized
by Memequeensupreme December 1, 2021
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When the dick is so good you start too catch feelings for the guy. When really your just catching feelings for the dick.
Becky: I really think I'm falling for this guy.

Me: He is not a good guy for you. You're just dickmatized.
by FreeFlow January 31, 2017
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WHEN you have had a man sex you so good that you feel hypnotized from the dick itself, as you feel drunk, and dizzy . This feeling is only Aquired by a true dicksman
by KayKayDungan December 21, 2016
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