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Really dull arty alternative band from England. Their second album Hidden is beyond boring with almost no melody or decent tunes in sight. Yet, this album was critically acclaimed by delusional critics, dreadful stuff.
Friend 1: "Hey man, you heard that new These New Puritans album?"

Friend 2: "Yeah, its awful shite isn't it?"

Friend 1: "Absolutely, let us never talk about it again"
by FreeFlow July 17, 2012
When the dick is so good you start too catch feelings for the guy. When really your just catching feelings for the dick.
Becky: I really think I'm falling for this guy.

Me: He is not a good guy for you. You're just dickmatized.
by FreeFlow January 31, 2017
A lover of alcoholic beverages or "scoops", popular slang in Ireland for drinks.
"Seán loves his Guinness. He's a real scoopmonkey"

"Comin out ta Temple Bar for some ridiculously overpriced booze? Ya big scoopmonkey ya"
by FreeFlow August 21, 2015