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A male who despite being caring and respectful to his female friends and acquaintances will never become anything more than "just a friend" to them. These guys will often pay attention and offer advice to their attractive female friends problems about their arrogant, douche-bag boyfriend only to see her dump that asshole and end up with someone even worse than him. This is because the majority of women, especially in their teenage years want to find muscular, good-looking, fashion conscious, pricks with enough confidence to diminish their insecurities enough so they can sleep at night without cutting themselves or consulting bulimia. Unfortunately this leaves the good guy in the shade, despite him being a better person, and being ten times the man her boyfriend is. Usually when girls say they want a "nice guy" he's usually some pantload with a foreign accent and a weird hairstyle. Luckily not all girls are like this and when the good guy finds these girls, he'll realize good things come to those who wait.
Girl 1- omg look at jean-pierre, he's soo hot!

Girl 2- I kno right! If he asked me out it would make my life!
Good guy- You don't even know him.
Girl 1- oh but I heard hes such a great guy!
Good guy- Once again, you dont even know him.
Girl 2- Jean pierre!!(then ducks and whispers) did he see me?
Good guy-....


Girl- Omg Kyle, Nick cheated on me!
good guy- again?
Girl- yea, I thought he changed but he didn't
good guy- why would he change he's been an ass all his life.
Girl- you know what your right, Im going to go out with Darrien next.
good guy- but he's even worse. say why don't you and I go out sometime?
Girl- uhm I'm ok, I think that we should just stay friends.
good guy- oh..
Girl- Im sorry!

good guy- its ok.. go out out with whats his face.
Girl- thanks for being so supportive Kyle, your such a good guy.(she hangs up immediately after)
good guy- fuck
by assclownroberts February 21, 2010
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A co-worker or acquaintance who is less than amusing, annoying, sometimes deceitful, and can cause negative feelings toward others around him. However the person referencing the “good guy” is perhaps of the same definition therefore defining himself as a “good guy”!
He’s a good guy, but I would not want to be around him outside of work.

(Name) is a good guy but I don’t think he’s leadership matierial.

Lazy as all get out, but he’s a good guy!
by Mowing Money March 18, 2019
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A guy who, despite being nice and caring, sadly finds it very difficult to get a girlfriend.

A good guy will go through high school and college having many crushes, many of who are nice girls, but most of the time be too scared to make a move. When he finally gets the courage to ask a girl out, he will come off as awkward due to his shyness and nervousness, and most likely get rejected. Unlike most guys who only want have sex, he actually wants a girl mainly to understand, relate to, and love someone, with sex just being an added bonus. Unfortunately, he will constantly lose to fuckboys because they have the confidence to easily approach girls.

In the end, some good guys will eventually find their special girl and live happily ever after. But most will get frustrated, give up and spend thier live living alone in a one room apartment playing video games.
I don’t understand. Why go girls not like good guys like me?
by DriftLegend159 May 30, 2018
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a special price on something; a second price on an item your going to purchase.
by duce April 29, 2004
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