Expression of strong agreement.
Facebook status: Carla misses the sun :-( and noticed how pale everyone looks in England today.

Friend's reply: you tell me! I think i'm gonna get some tropical sunshine in Florianopolis next month.
by Mr. Andrews McCurdle January 12, 2010
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I could scarcely bear the thought of inhabiting the same universe as you.
Pottsy says:
what happened last weekend?
Ed says:
You tell me
by Lord Kimber February 27, 2007
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What one says or thinks when another person tells them something that
1. Has nothing to do with the person being told something
2. The person being told something does not want to hear what they are being told
Girl: OMG i went to a Panic at the Disco concert last night! it was sooo freakin cool!
Guy: Why are you telling me this?

Girl: I have a huge crush on your friend!
Guy who likes Girl: Why are you telling me this?
by Seth Kraeder February 10, 2009
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Used when some idiot says something irrelevant, nobody asked for or just completely stupid. originated in greensprings school lekki.
Him: I went to Jamaica last year
Other person: Oh my God nice but why are you telling me
Him: **middle finger**
by SirDae January 06, 2021
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The old days, when this was your biggest problem.
"Man, I can't deal with any of this! Remember when our biggest problem was where the candy aisle was in a grocery store? CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE'S THE CANDY?"
by JormanThoad July 22, 2020
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To dismiss someone else's statement that either corrects, or nullifies your previous statement.
"I'm not sure we're going the right way."
"Hey! You don't tell me!"
by Zias Noxid April 06, 2009
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You can't tell me is a way of life. It is when a person will do whatever he or she damn well pleases. If you attempt to tell a person to not do something, not only will they do it on purpose, but they will respond wit hthe phrase,"YOU CAN'T TELL ME"
Steve: "Scott(driving 60 in a 40) slow down
Scott: "you can't tell me" (accelerates to 75)
Steve: celebration!
by scottyd3186 December 04, 2010
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