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To be screwed over in a situation; To be insulted, bashed, or otherwise served in a non-physical way, named after the act of taking a dick in your anus.
I totally dicked three other drivers who had the right-of-way when I cut them off with a left turn at the 4-way intersection.

I just got dicked by Mr. Smith's test. 4% dammit.

Me: "Hey LB, get me a soda!"
LB: "No way, you're closer to the fridge anyway."
Me: "But you're the LB!"
LB: "Fine.."
Matt: "LB you just got dicked!"

Me: "Hey Matt is LB coming to our lemon party?"
Matt: "No his mom heard him coughing today and she said that he has to stay home and to be in bed by 10:30."
Me: "Oh, dicked."
by me Mike D March 13, 2006
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A word used at a school called John Glenn High in Norwalk,Ca to make someone feel like a dumbass!
If someone at school trips or does something embarassing the person or people who saw him/her trip will be allowed to DICK them by yelling the word DICK at them.
This has been a John Glenn High School 101 about Getting DICKED
by JGHS October 20, 2006
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Man George dicked that girl so hard she can’t walk anymore
by Penisclown November 17, 2018
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1. Reference to something materialistic being worn out or looking over-used such as sneakers
2. Used commonly in football when the ball is caught over your head by another person despite your effort
3. To be screwed or fucked, sexually or however you wanna take it
1. John:Wow, my sneaks have scuffs and stains everywhere
Peter: Yeah man...they are pretty dicked
2.Randy Moss juss dicked the defender!
3.I juss dicked Janet/The cops just dicked me, i got pulled over man!
by Dynamite-J May 06, 2006
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yet another term for sex.
hey girl, you ever been dicked by two guys in a corolla?
by darth eadz August 10, 2005
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a word used to describe the people at urban dictionary who decide if the meaning to a word is the proper one or not
The dick 'ed's at urban dictionary didn't accept my word....
penis dicks morons idiots heads head jam
by Dick 'Ed April 10, 2011
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