Polite way to say the word "Fuck."
Hey Gary, go ef yourself you dumb mother effer.

Hey Gary, I just effed your girl.
by Robbyaga July 20, 2003
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Stands for Erectile Function, anybody who doesn't have ED can have EF, it means you are able to hold an erection without Viagra, Cialis etc.
Guy1:I have ED
Guy2:well that sucks, I have EF
Guy1: Man, I wish I had that.
by RAMS57 March 05, 2009
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European language schools organisation. Nobody know's what EF actually means although, having lived in Oxford - an EF stroghold - for a number of years I can only assume it stands for 'Easy Fuck.
Did you see those Italian EF girls getting off the coach? Man, sometimes it's good to live in this shithole wanker-student city!
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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EF stands for Epic Fail, something that you may be too.
A: Hey, look, I made a new banner for my forum! Do you want to see it?
B: Ok.
A : So what do you think about it?
B: It's an EF. >_>
by CuchiiDealer June 16, 2010
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The one and only, EF.

Coward, wuss, pansie, lamer, pathetic gimp.
"Look! It's EF! OMGOSH"
by Da Chip March 19, 2003
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EFS is an abbreviation for Excessive Facebook Syndrome. The term is used to describe people with hyper activities in Facebook, that even can bother them to function.

Common signs are such excessive use of computer, laptops, phones and all mchines that is easily connecting to the internet. Some symptoms are insomnia, fatigue, eyes problems, less productivity, having hard time to study or do work and complaining about oneself life.
Unlike Excessive Facebook Syndrome ,EFS, Facebook Deficiency,FD, has no complications and it is easily treated.
by Allawee August 25, 2010
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Efe is a unisex name. The people of Delta are conversant with name.

Its meaning is "Wealth / Riches"

Efe is the short form of its name. That is there are more words added to the name to compliment it more. E.g

Efe-rhire -My wealth/riches has come
Efe-mena -Wealth/Riches is mine
Efe-tobore -My wealth/Riches is on its way.

And there are many others names like that.

In conclusion: Efes;

*Like to eat.
*Have a loving and caring personality.
*Are rare and make a good friend
*Can be very annoying but that is one of the factors that is loved.
*Are very emotional and influence people positively.
My name is Efe
Efe is a girl/boy
Efe's mother's sent her on an errand
Efe is a gorgeous lady
Efe and his friends are playing outside the compound
by Omoblaqee January 31, 2020
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