The best a man could be. Always places himself before others (to the point where he may be called a push over) However if you cross him he will kick your ass. He is handsome and drop dead gorgeous. Will go out of his way to be there for his woman and family. Very much into cars and motorcycles and a huge city kid, but loves to play in the dirt as well. He loves having fun and staying active. Is the best any girl or woman could have/want/dream of.
:I think he could be a Myron

:He is my Myron

:Dude a woman wants a Myron
by Princess K. July 20, 2011
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Usually A Person With A Very Large Penis.

Bedroom Skills Are Incredible.
Myron Was Great Last Night.

I Suggest You Find Yourself A Myron.
by MrOfficial January 07, 2014
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1) Lord of the bedroom; a dominate or alpha male that commands attention

2) crazy ass Mofo with multi-personality syndrome
1)I didnt think he was going to be such a Myron but he totally suprised me.

2) dude, calm down! Don't pull a Myron on me!
by Chaos2016 February 03, 2010
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(n) a giant cake with fruits on top.
(v) to kiss
My girlfrind myron me today.
Mommy I want a myron for my birthday.
by Mr. Zhang May 24, 2006
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definition of a illiterate or mentally challenged person, normally has a black skin tone. the person has a 95% chance of going to jail at some point in their life.

synonyms: nigga, porch monkey, black, colored
"yo that kid is a myron, and i don't like him!
by king of the myrons February 15, 2013
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To be used as a replacement for the word 'idiot.' Can be a noun, adjective, or adverb.

Other derivatives:
My - abbreviated form.
Myron stick/ mmm stick - cigarette
"This guy is a total myron!"
-This guy is a total idiot

"Quit being such a my."
-Stop acting like an idiot.

"I could really use a myron stick right now."
-I would like to smoke a cigarette.
by magnoliamyron August 16, 2007
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