This originally meant, literally, a bag to carry a device that women cleansed their vaginas with. It's now used as an insult, mostly against males, similar to calling them a jerk, bastard, etc. What the insult specifically implies seems to depend on regional vernacular.
"John, you're such a deuche bag for cheating on me."
by doomweasel October 20, 2005
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Its a thing girls use to wash their pussy.
I can really think of one! HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
by Kostas Analyzer August 9, 2003
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an ex-boyfriend that was nice to you and after breaking up is completely rude. He continually wants something fromm you but not a relationship.
Roberto is the biggest deuche bag i have ever met.
by oXSinbabyXo July 8, 2009
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The principal that in a group of three or more people, there will always be at least one deuche bag.
Dude, I'd love her friends, but the deuche bag effect kicked my ass.
by Admiral_Dane September 24, 2009
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