When one intends to use the slang "my bad" in place of "im sorry", implying that they are at fault or apologetic for something they've said or done. But what comes out in result of a brain fart is a combination of the two, hence "my sorry".
Jesse: Hey man! You just stepped on my blue suede shoes!

Larry: Oh my sorry!...I mean I'm bad...I mean I'm sorry!

Jesse: Huh wtf?
by Wade Joffe January 5, 2010
a response to inconsiderate boy catcalling women, meant to confuse the catcaller and discourage them to catcall again
boy: *whistles*
woman: i like my men skinned sorry
boy: *confused because their pea brain can’t process anything other than praise*
by *laughs manically* October 13, 2020
An overused excuse boys use when they're rejected by females
boy: Hey, I have a confession to make. We've been friends for a while now and I just have this positive feeling whenever I'm around you..its almost as if we were meant to be.

girl: I'm sorry...I like more as a friend
boy: sorry my cat walked over my keyboard . stupid cat
by Meerkat511 December 16, 2022
A saying used for conveying your mind was wandering and not present during a conversation. Refers to the imagery location know as “Australia”, created by NASA’s Meta Earth Department (MED).
Person 1: “So when performing the light experiment, make sure both holes are aligned parallel to- hey, are you even listening?”

Person 2: “Oh sorry my mind was in “Australia””

Person 1: “Oh yeah, created for NASA’s round world theorem, to bad there’s no evidence showing it’s really round.”

Person 2: “Or that “Australia” even exists.”
by Gobln February 2, 2023
Something people say when they say something they regret, and use this as a means to play it off as to not take the blame for what they said, usually unsuccessfully
Person 1: “Hey I’ve really liked l you for a few years, do you like me?”

Person 2: “Sorry I’m just not interested

Person 1: “ Sorry My Friend Took My Phone and sent that, I didn’t mean that, it wasn’t me
by Kaney Wets January 7, 2022