1. cover someone

2. I understand you

3. I can handle you
1. at a Restaurant: person 1"I'll pay." person 2:"No, I got you"

2. "you know what I mean?" person 2 "Yea, I got you"

3. "You think you can beat me huh?" person 2: " I got you"
by T_dawgg December 7, 2012
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Man I'm short on money, I can't go

Response: Man I got you
by Sassy S August 11, 2005
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that's wack nigga, i got you.....
by jhene November 3, 2003
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For a person to financially take care of the situation that one is in
(Lady) Damn....things are a little hard for me this month
(Man) Don't worry about no bills....I got you.

(1st Lady) Let's go to a club...
(2nd Lady) My money is funny, I can't
(1st lady) Don't worry about it...I got you
by Kitt Katt October 3, 2006
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When someone has gots you it means that they have yo back, they’re there for you, they’ll help you out whenever you need it, when your upset they’ll be there to comfort you, they joke around with you, they keep their promises, they miss you when your gone, they do things for you to make you smile and laugh, they trust you, they need you in their life, they luvs you 🌚💕
I gots you more Legoff

by Maximus825 April 30, 2019
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An expression that's short for:

1. I got your back.
2. I got you covered.
2. I got you protected.
After all of what you did for me. Don't worry, I got you.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 5, 2006
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It means "I understand what you're saying and I will keep your wishes in mind by complying." Usually used when someone asks you something. Very informal.
"Hey Steve, the lady kicked me out tonight. Could I stay at your place?"

"Of course bro. I got you with that."
by Lucorange February 9, 2018
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