Someone who cant hold their beer (gets drunk off of 4 beers)
by Bone diz is gay March 2, 2003
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Someone who cannot physically pull an all-nighter because they suck and somehow have a life outside of school, even if they go to GECA.
Brandon is such a lightweight. He can't even stay up until 12:00 AM.
by Agentnn April 10, 2017
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1. so-so, kind of, a little bit.
2. one who can't handle their alcohol/weed
1. That party was lightweight tight
2. Look at that lightweight, puking after two cups!
by BigBossMike December 5, 2004
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1 A small amount or a little bit
2 Someone who cannot handle consuming large amounts of drugs or alchohol
1 "That movie was lightweight stupid"
2 "He's so lightweight he's high after one hit"
by xLUISAx September 4, 2005
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a little, a small amount

originated in the San Francisco Bay Area
Homie #1: You wanna get your perk on tonight?

Homie #2: Lightweight
by dazvoltron May 24, 2004
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when a person has low tolerance on any drugs, including marijuana.
pothead 1: This guy is high off of schwag.

pothead 2: Yeah, I'm not even high, he's a lightweight.

lightweight: I'm so high right now!

pothead 1: dude, this sucks lets get some dank dude.

pothead 2: yeah.
by PwNz0rZ July 5, 2005
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This can have two meanings:
1) The traditional meaning of someone who cannot hold their drink or
2) An insulting term given to someone whose actions or opinions are of no consequence.
Martin: Is that Graham over there, in the Burberry shirt?
Spud: Yeah, but steer clear of him, he's a lightweight.
by Spud September 24, 2003
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