When your doing a chick in the dark and you pull out and your buddy takes your place, then you run around to the outside window, then knock and smile at them.
Bro 1: Dude, I just found this chick and she totally wants to do it!

Bro 2: We should pull a magician on her!

Bro 1: Chaw, that'll be totally radical.
by Squatting Dog March 17, 2008
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The derogatory act of having doggy style intercourse with a lady (or lad), then when close to climax, spitting on her back in order to trick her into believing you relieved your semen on her, then, when the girl turns around, ejaculating on her face, snapping your fingers, and proclaiming: "Abracadabra Bitch!"
Example 1:
Guy: Oohh yeah I'm coming all over your back!
Bitch: *turning around* Hey that wasn't as much as usual! Argh!
Guy: *Sperming* Abracadabra Biatch!! *Snaps Finger*

Example 2:
Yo that slag said she didn't wanna swallow, so I pulled the magician on her ass.
by zeroe October 05, 2006
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When you pretend to cum in her so she gets worry that she is gonna get pregnant but then you say "sike check your ear"
Guy1: Ay dude yesterday i just pulled The Magician on my girl and she was so impressed
Guy2: Dame i gotta try it on my girl someday
by Garan1610 February 22, 2021
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When a man is having sex doggy style with a woman (or man) facing a window. The man starts to slow down, going in and out slowly. Then another man comes over and slips it in while the first man leaves. The first man then procedes to leave the room, walk outside, and tap on the window. The woman (or man) then procedes to look up in shock at the relization of what has happened.
Bro 1: Hey you wanna go do the magician with your girl?

Bro 2: Yeah totally its freak her out!!
by ImNotInYouNoMore February 13, 2012
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to do a magician you need a few things. 1. 3 people one being a girl and yourself and a good frined with equal dick size. 2nd be in a room on the first floor with a good window view. fuck your girl doggy style then switch out with your friend without her knowing he is involved. sneak out of the house and go to the window outside and knock and wave

you guys have the magician and the phantom confused
jenny was confused when she saw the person outside who she thought was fucking her....she thought that he was some kind of magician
by Drinell October 10, 2005
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(n.) Someone who practices in the art of illusion and magic to entertain others.

Often believed to also hold special abilities and manipulations through incantations, spells, etc.
Kid 1: My mom hired a magician for my birthday!
Kid 2: Ooh, that should be fun.
by Shifty Eyed Goat July 25, 2004
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After giving anal sex to a woman, spit salivia on her back and when she turns around blow your load in her face.
Dude, I just gave this girl a magician. It was great.
by Bryce Rennell December 23, 2003
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