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A woman who's current brain chemistry renders her irrational, angry, and prone to acts of violence
Goes crazy without any reason, incapable of cleaning up after herself and is just plain fckd
by bhong6789 December 10, 2010
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Dis Gurl Tameka Is a dumb ass bitch cause everytime i say somthin on the phone she keep sayin i dont know i cant think straight
by crazy white boy December 04, 2006
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A stupid Hoe. A Retarded type bitch.A Hoe that "cain't think "Skraite"". A ho that's always fucking up. A slick bitch who always get caught. That special ho who really "need a foot up her ass..."
Bitches that get an abortion,

Most hoes you meet is really DUMB ASS BITCHES, in disguise...

-J Love
by J Love December 20, 2003
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