Very sexual

When your girlfriend wants you to literally choke her without killing her
by Queen milka April 27, 2017
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When you ask your "daddy" for a deep-throat (so you'll get choke)
by zSven August 30, 2017
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when you're doing intercourse with your beloved daddy and you ask to be choked
"choke me daddy!!!!!1!!!111"
by Tysaiah BRyan June 30, 2017
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Muscular, sexy arms that you can envision choking you in a sexual way.
I mean he's not that hot but he has choke me arms so I'd smash
by Thirst Queen November 2, 2017
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A person on Discord who enjoys being choked to the point where it's funny
I had a weird conversation with Choke Me Funny the other day
by Choke Me Funny January 25, 2021
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