A program written to show off the mad skillz of a coder, graphician and musician.
Second reality was the most amazing PC demo, it made us go WHOAH! Then there was Second Reality for the C64 and it made us go "touche`".
by Spirit Bear January 28, 2004
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Some kind of trial for a program
This demo is too short
by SUPER-TROGDOR September 15, 2003
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(1) Demonstration (noun, adj) - used in engineering and business.
(2) Demonstrate (verb) - used in engineering and business.
(3) Demographic (noun) - The target demographic. Used by political types.
(4) Democratic (adj) - confusingly, also used by political types.
(5) Demolish (verb) - used by building contractors.
(1) Demonstration

They're doing the new product demo at 3:00 in the conference room.

It's not the real thing, it's only a demo.

It's just demo code. We'll rewrite it when we have a spec to work from.

(2) Demonstrate

They want us to demo the final release version on-site next week.

(3) Target demographic

Don't even try to robocall cell phones, the young'uns aren't in the demo.

(4) Democratic

City Demo Club

(5) Demolish

We're gonna demo this wall and put in a wet bar.
by vanilla g-lotto December 19, 2004
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v. to try out; to sample
-I'm going to demo some of your leftovers.
-Let me demo you shirt and see if I like it.
by TXFLIP December 8, 2008
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verb, to destroy (shortened form of demolish)
Hey, asshole, you demoed my coffee table!

Let's demo this place!

Whenever he gets tanked, he demoes stuff.

Tank, skid, and demo!
by FarmBoy November 17, 2005
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When a girl has sex with two guys at the same time.
Me and my boy ran a demo on this bitch last night.
by James Werdsbond September 29, 2009
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An in-game recording of a video game, pretty much exclusively PC games. They are often taken of competitive matches in games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

Demos can only be played back within the game, however they can often be exported into actual video clips for use in frag videos (or "montages").

Though time-consuming, many games allow you to do all sorts of things with demos; search YouTube for demo recording tutorials to learn more.
Crap, I forgot to record a demo of that game
by estrale November 3, 2010
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