Demo aka the gay-est boy ever known.

Basically, it's another word for 'gay'.
Boy 1: Mate, I reckon that bloke is bloody demo!

Boy 2: Bloody oath!
by beasleylan December 02, 2008
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Sister store to the "surf and skate" retail store Pac Sun (Pacific Sunwear); sometimes known as Black Sun, gangsta store, in the hood.

D. dont
E. even
M. miss
O. one

or sometimes

D. dont
E. expect
M. much
O. outta us
man D.E.M.O. was out of camo doo-rags, yo. fo shizzle...
by I dont like bean stashes September 02, 2005
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To demolish something ... Often during the process of eating...
Let's demo on a half-bird ... The act of eating half a chicken with ones chums.
by Linnie and Brad I.D.M. August 05, 2003
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A really sexy guy, he attracts ht girls by his smell
by bill September 19, 2003
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Big man: Dude I just Fucking demo’d chest yesterday

Hungry guy: God I can’t fucking wait to demo some chipotle after class
by Demowillbecomeathing February 08, 2020
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