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Inability to install or use apps that add additional functionality.
Some Facebook users have an apticap that prevents them from using apps because their confirmation email keeps getting sent to " ".

John's phone is apticapped because its memory is locked by the manufacturer.

The iPhone is apticapped, allowing only apps approved by Apple, but Jailbreak is the cure.
by Spirit Bear November 29, 2009
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You get the Bubye Gatling is when you work as a phone monkey and you're trying to deliver a script at the end of the call so you don't fail your call score.

It's what happens when the conversation becomes a battle between you trying to deliver the script and the customer trying to get off the phone.
The Bubye Gatling:
You: Thank you sir and we'd like to let you know about our promo...
Customer: Okay bubye, k'bye, kaybubye, mmbubye, kaybye, kaybubye, yeahbye, tha-thank you, yeah, kaythanks, youbet, mkay bubye, yeah, bubye, mm-hmm yeah mkay, bubye CLICK.
by Spirit Bear August 03, 2009
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Call center jargon. This is the excuse that a call center or your hiring agency gives you for your being canned.
"My bullshit reason for Stream was they said I was browsing porn" Jeremy said, "even though they have a blocking proxy installed and I wasn't at my workstation when it supposedly happened."
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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The act of providing incremental updates to a piece of hardware such as a smartphone, CPU or wearable device in the form of marginal spec bumps instead of releasing a revolutionary device.

Usually requires you to buy an entirely new device to get, for example, slightly more internal storage space or a marginally better CPU speed.

Usually done by hardware manufactures such as Apple, Motorola and Qualcomm.

The goal is to make as much money off of existing technology as possible before spending money to innovate.
I really hope that Merrifield and the next iteration of it are good and I hope Logan is great too because no one is competing with Qualcomm so they are literally sitting on their asses trying get another year out of bumping clocks on Krait.
by Spirit Bear March 11, 2014
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An "incentive" offered by companies where they charge you more money and then give it to you at the time of purchase. Also known as "customer cash," cash back is frequently a ploy used by car dealerships and more recently cable TV providers. It plays on greedy consumers' tendency toward impulse buying. To the dealer it sounds like "here's some of the money you're going to pay us" but to the average consumer it sounds like "I can go buy a new car AND a flatscreen TV!"
Come in today and buy a new car and get $2,00 cash back!
by Spirit Bear March 29, 2009
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A charismatic leader is someone who is able to assert authority over a person or group of people without any logical basis for rule using only their own charisma.
Some charismatic leaders include Jesus Christ, George W Bush, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Steve Jobs.
by Spirit Bear September 09, 2007
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A place where companies outsource customer service or technical support, ostensibly because it's cheaper than having in-house support. They are notorious for hiring anyone who can lift a headset and operate a keyboard and firing people for completely lame reasons whenever it is no longer proffitable to keep them or they are elligable for a pay increase. A large portion of the furry community works in call centers.
"I've worked in four or five call centers over the last few years. Maybe some day I'll get a real job," Rob said, then hit his Ready button to take another call.
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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