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Call center slang. This word encompasses the statistics that are taken on call center agents to determine their worth. Usually includes average handle time (AHT), wrap, hold time and a few other basic metrics as well as a few 'spin' metrics added by the client to give the client a feeling of control.
They said Rob got canned because of poor metrics, but we all know the real reason.
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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Having been around the web a few times.
This meme is very yesterweb. I saw it on 4chan six weeks ago.
by Spirit Bear August 16, 2007
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An intro that introduces a crack.
Razor 911 had some nice cracktros for their C64 prods.
by Spirit Bear January 29, 2004
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1. A character from the Disney movie Pocahantes
2. A plushie made by Mattel that is very popular among plushies (plushophiles).
1. Meeko was a cute raccoon!
2. Did you spooge on my meeko?
by Spirit Bear January 29, 2004
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1. Being required to take another hit before passing because of a fax pas.
2. Being denied a hit because of a fax pas.
Dude you're not hight enough, take a penalty hit. Puff puff pass.

Dude, penalty hit: We've watched this episode already. Pass.
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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Jane's prediction of fourth-quarter earnings was bang on.
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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A company reorganization, usually involving the firing of a number of employees and promotion of others to the point of uselessness. Often used as a futile measure when a company is about to tank.
Bobco went through a reorg last year, they promoted all of their middle management to management and fired all of the previous managers in a futile attempt to regain stockholder trust.
by Spirit Bear June 26, 2007
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