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Democrats, either individual voters or their party organization. An abbreviation used by political insiders.
Dems are voting as a block this year - no way to shake it.

The dems and reeps both want to stop third parties from getting any momentum.
by vanilla g-lotto December 19, 2004
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(1) Demonstration (noun, adj) - used in engineering and business.
(2) Demonstrate (verb) - used in engineering and business.
(3) Demographic (noun) - The target demographic. Used by political types.
(4) Democratic (adj) - confusingly, also used by political types.
(5) Demolish (verb) - used by building contractors.
(1) Demonstration

They're doing the new product demo at 3:00 in the conference room.

It's not the real thing, it's only a demo.

It's just demo code. We'll rewrite it when we have a spec to work from.

(2) Demonstrate

They want us to demo the final release version on-site next week.

(3) Target demographic

Don't even try to robocall cell phones, the young'uns aren't in the demo.

(4) Democratic

City Demo Club

(5) Demolish

We're gonna demo this wall and put in a wet bar.
by vanilla g-lotto December 19, 2004
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E.Honda's big move in Street Fighter II, where he goes flying horizontally across the screen for a humongous sumo head butt.
by vanilla g-lotto January 17, 2005
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It's usually spelled fuhgeddaboudit. But maybe 15% of the time you'll see fuggedaboudit or fuggedaboutit.
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004
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1. Forget about it - the issue is not worth the time, energy, mental effort, or emotional resources.

2. Definitively "no."

3. The subject is unequivocally excellent; further thought and analysis are unnecessary.

Often heard spoken by Robert De Niro, characters on the Sopranos, and people trying to sound hip and tough like a goomba.

There are many spelling variations. The consensus online is that it should be phonetically either "fu-ge-da-boud-it" or "fu-ge-da-bout-it."
1. So they killed your brother's fiancee. Listen to me: fuhgeddaboudit.

2. You ask me once, I say fuggedaboudit, end of discussion.

3. Over there she got the best rigatoni in New Jersey. And the hot pastrami? Fuggedaboutit!
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004
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Looking for the official spelling? Forget about it.

Consensus is definitely for "fuhgeddaboudit." But at least 53 different spellings can be found on the web. As of December 2004, here are the top ten...
spelling -- (google hits) -- (nytimes.com hits)

fuhgeddaboudit (82200) (20)
fuggedaboudit (6760) (14)
fuggedaboutit (6040) (4)
fuhgeddaboutit (5770) (35)
fuggetaboutit (3760) (0)
fuhgetaboutit (3430) (2)
fuhgedaboudit (2530) (8)
fahgetaboutit (2470) (0)
fugedaboudit (2240) (0)
fugetaboutit (2010) (0)
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004
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A metaphor for how a sales organizations churns through leads.

initial lead -> cold call -> qualified lead -> money deal

At each step, more potential customers get weeded out. Hence, the funnel.
There will be no sales to close if we never feed the funnel.
by vanilla g-lotto December 20, 2004
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