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A prerecorded call that is sent to hundreds or thousands of telephone numbers. An automatic dialing computer goes through a targeted list of phone numbers.

Or: an individual call received.
political consultant says... We need to record a celebrity robocall, provision it, and hit our base at least ten weeks before early voting.

voter says... Damn, I came home to seven robocalls on my answering machine. And nothing from Match.com.
by vanilla g-lotto December 19, 2004

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1. To masturbate by rubbing the penis, jack off.

2. To waste time in an annoying way. Goof off, jerk around, fart around.

3. A person who is distracted and wasting time. Also spelled: jerk-off

4. An insult: something you'd call a person, implying vaguely that the person is clueless or inferior.
"Joe jerks off two or three times a day."
"Last night, his girlfriend jerked him off in the car."

"Is our son jerking off again, when he ought to be doing his homework?" (Yeah, the old man meant "goofing off," but he said "jerking off." Heh heh.)

"Hey, jerk-off, quit watching the game and roll some dice."

"That jerk-off? He's a total douchebag."
by vanilla g-lotto December 21, 2004

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Perhaps the biggest number I could think of when I was, like, six years old.

(True: if you ask a mathematician, it's not really a "number." But when I was, like, six years old, I didn't give a flying fuck.)

(Also true: As soon as I said "infinity plus one," my buddy would cleverly outdo me with infinity plus two.)
You couldn't beat me, because I had my fingers crossed.

Yeah but I had all ten fingers crossed.

Yeah but I had all my fingers and toes crossed.

Yeah but I had infinity fingers crossed.

Yeah but I had infinity plus one fingers crossed. Ha ha ha ha ha!
by vanilla g-lotto January 17, 2005

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1. Forget about it - the issue is not worth the time, energy, mental effort, or emotional resources.

2. Definitively "no."

3. The subject is unequivocally excellent; further thought and analysis are unnecessary.

Often heard spoken by Robert De Niro, characters on the Sopranos, and people trying to sound hip and tough like a goomba.

There are many spelling variations. The consensus online is that it should be phonetically either "fu-ge-da-boud-it" or "fu-ge-da-bout-it."
1. So they killed your brother's fiancee. Listen to me: fuhgeddaboudit.

2. You ask me once, I say fuggedaboudit, end of discussion.

3. Over there she got the best rigatoni in New Jersey. And the hot pastrami? Fuggedaboutit!
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004

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Looking for the official spelling? Forget about it.

Consensus is definitely for "fuhgeddaboudit." But at least 53 different spellings can be found on the web. As of December 2004, here are the top ten...
spelling -- (google hits) -- (nytimes.com hits)

fuhgeddaboudit (82200) (20)
fuggedaboudit (6760) (14)
fuggedaboutit (6040) (4)
fuhgeddaboutit (5770) (35)
fuggetaboutit (3760) (0)
fuhgetaboutit (3430) (2)
fuhgedaboudit (2530) (8)
fahgetaboutit (2470) (0)
fugedaboudit (2240) (0)
fugetaboutit (2010) (0)
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004

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This is something you yell if you're playing baseball, and you're on the sidelines, trying to distract the batter so he'll screw up.
Hey, batter batter!

Hey, batta batta!
by vanilla g-lotto December 20, 2004

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A bar for mixing drinks that has a sink with running water.
My swank bachelor pad has a hot tub and wet bar.
by vanilla g-lotto December 19, 2004

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